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Don Blanchard, WA7GTU (SK)

It is with deep regret that we note the passing of long-time Utah VHF Society officer and member, Don Blanchard, WA7GTU of Cedar City who passed away at his home on the morning of Saturday, 4 September, 2021.

Don was well known throughout Utah - and the amateur radio community in general, helping many, many people get on the air, and he had been a key figure in getting one of the first repeaters (WR7AAA) on the air in Utah - and keeping many others on the air over more than five decades.  As long-time vice-president of the Utah VHF Society, he has had a wide range influence - not only in south and central Utah, but everywhere the Intermountain Intertie has reached.

Don's technical skills, generosity and enthusiasm will be missed.

Don's obituary may be found here.


Announcing the 2022 Utah VHF Society Swap Meet

The Utah VHF Society is pleased to announce the annual swap meet, scheduled to be held on Saturday, 26 February, 2022.  The location is the same as in recent years - the Davis County Legacy Events Center, building #2 (151 S. 1100 W. Farmington).  

Barring any (currently) unforseen circumstances, please reserve this date and join us there where you may buy, sell, and trade your "stuff" - not to mention see friends that you haven't seen for a while.

Please make an extra effort to pay your dues in advance using whatever method you prefer (via PayPal, mail a check) so the wait time in line can be minimized:  Those who are "paid up" won't have to wait as long in line.

If you don't know when your Utah VHF Society membership expires and/or you need information about how to renew, that information may be found in the article immediately below this one.

More details about this event will be posted soon.

Utah VHF Society Expiry list - updated December 21, 2021

This is a reminder that your Utah VHF Society membership may be up for renewal:  All membership terms are based on the calendar year, going from the beginning of January to the end of December.

To find out how to renew, go to the How To Join page and on this page you will find a link to an "expiry" list (link) so you can see if your membership is current.  This list is current as of mid December, 2021.

UVHFS President Mel Parkes, NM7P
From the
Utah VHF Society president

Mel Parkes

Thanks to all Utah VHF Society members!

As we enter a new year I would like to let you know that we had a very busy year and have completed many projects and helped support many groups with their repeater projects.  As your President I would like to announce that we are growing and The Society really appreciates all your support as members, we have grown to the point now where we have become the largest Amateur Radio Organization in the State of Utah, our membership is now almost at 600 members. 

I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to all those who are members of the Society.  Thanks again and please continue to invite and encourage your fellow hams to become part of the Utah VHF Society.

If you every have any questions or concerns please let me know.  nm7p@msn.com 

Thanks to all Utah VHF Society members!

Supporting the Idaho portion of the Intermountain Intertie

After much discussion the Utah VHF Society Officers have agreed to begin an initial effort to ask the Idaho hams who would like to support the Idaho portion of the Intertie System to join the Utah VHF Society. 

Any funds obtained through this effort or any donations we obtain  from Idaho hams
will be dedicated to Idaho Intertie System repeaters.  Enough funds were raised via recent efforts to address some crucial needs, such as the purchase of new batteries for the Sawtell (West Yellowstone) repeater site and upgrade and maintenance for other projects.  As more funds become available additional improvements will be made to the Idaho system.  

If you want to help with this effort you may do so through the Utah VHF Society (contact information is here).  Any funds obtained through this effort or any donations we obtain from Idaho hams will be dedicated to Idaho Intertie System repeaters.  Please mark your membership and or donations for Idaho.

Questions, updates, or comments pertaining to this web page may be directed to: uvhfs@utahvhfs.org

DO NOT SEND MEMBERSHIP QUERIES TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS!  Questions regarding your membership status may be directed to the Treasurer of the Utah VHF SocietyFor the status of your UVHFS membership, check the "How to Join or Renew" page first!

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