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Announcing the 2016 Utah VHF Society Hamfest

The 2016 Utah VHF Society Swap meet will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2016 in Farmington at the Davis County Fair Park Legacy Events Center - the same place as it had been held for the past several years.  Our membership has continued to grow and this has helped us accomplish a lot of upgrades to many repeaters.

The doors will open for setup by vendors at 8 AM and for the general public at 9 AM.  If you show up much before 9 AM and don't have a table of stuff to sell or if you show up before 8 AM and you are selling stuff, you will be expected to wait patiently in your vehicle like everyone else!

Admission for current members will, as always, free, $5 for non-member adults, $3 for non-member "Youth" (12-18 years old) and free for those under the age of 12.

In addition to admission fees (again, admission will be free for current members), a table is $5, $3 for "floor space" (your bringing your own table) and a chair will be $1 for members/nonmembers alike:  Don't worry - we'll have enough tables for anyone who will need one, but there aren't very many chairs, so be sure to bring one if you want one!

We are expecting this event to "wind down" by around noon-ish as usual, so if you want to get in on the action, it is in your best interest to arrive at/around the 9AM start time!

We will conduct our annual business meeting and vote on a number of important issues. Of course there will be buying and selling of items and exchange of junque, we will also have lite snack items and drinks for sale.

If you are a current Utah VHF Society member and want to renew your membership pleased send in your dues via payal or snail mail to our PO Box.  This year those who have paid dues in advance will be able to get into the building via a accelerated line and get to the floor to check out the goodies - FIRST.

We will have the new 2016 Utah VHF Society Booklet available for pick up also.  If you are not a Utah VHF Society member but would still like to be, click on the "How to Join or Renew UVHFS Membership" link to the left and if you aren't sure if your membership has expired, be sure to check out the list on that page!

For driving instructions, maps and pictures to help you find the swap meet, download the UVHFS 2016 Map and Directions information packet - link.

We hope to see you at the 2016 swap meet!

Are you planning to attending the 2016 Rocky Mountian Division Convention in Colorado?
The Rocky Mountain Division Convention will be held in Colorado on 13-15 May at a new location.

For more information, please visit the "official" web site for this event at:


The Great Salt Lake Hamfest

We would like to announce a very special event that will be held in the Salt Lake Area in 2016. There will be an ARRL State Convention “The Great Salt Lake Hamfest” this event is scheduled for 8-9 July 2016.  This is the first time a major activity of this kind has been held in the Salt lake area for many years so put these dates on your calendar and plan to be part of this great event

A committee has been formed and Marvin Match, KA7TPH, is directing this effort. Please contact him at mvmatch@ece.utah.edu for info, more details and info will be listed on the Hamfest web site as it becomes available, fo now you can help out by filling out a survey form on the web site:


The hamfest committee are looking for volunteers to help make this a great success, please get involved.

See you there!
UVHFS President Mel Parkes,
From the
Utah VHF Society president

Mel Parkes

Thanks to all Utah VHF Society members!

As we approach a new year I would like to let you know that we have had a very busy year and have completed many projects and helped support many groups with their repeater projects.  As your President I would like to announce that we are growing and The Society really appreciates all your support as members, we have grown to the point now where we have become the largest Amateur Radio Organization in the State of Utah, our membership is now almost at 600 members. 

I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to all those who are members of the Society.  Thanks again and please continue to invite and encourage your fellow hams to become part of the Utah VHF Society.

If you every have any questions or concerns please let me know.  nm7p@msn.com 

Thanks to all Utah VHF Society members!

Dues increase proposed for the Utah VHF Society

The officers of the Utah VHF Society want to recommend an increase in Dues to $15.00 per year, $25.00 per family, and $360.00 life time.  The reasons for this are due to increases in the cost of maintaining and supporting repeaters throughout Utah.

During the last three years we have made major updates to many of the key sites in Utah and have added a few new ones this has depleted most of our reserves.  To be able to continue our repeater support and work we have determined that a modest dues increase is necessary.  Many of you may remember that many years ago we lowered our dues by $3.00 (from $15.00!) because we felt our funds were sufficient to continue our efforts at a lower dues rate.

At the business meeting to be held during the 2016 Swap Meet we will ask for a vote to support the proposed dues increase.

In the mean time any member or new member may pay as many years in advance if they wish to take  advantage of the old dues rate until 31 March 2016, if the increase is approved by our members.

Questions, updates, or comments pertaining to this web page may be directed to: uvhfs@utahvhfs.org

DO NOT SEND MEMBERSHIP QUERIES TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS!  Questions regarding your membership status may be directed to the Treasurer of the Utah VHF SocietyFor the status of your UVHFS membership, check the "How to Join or Renew" page first!

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